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Ontario Communities Unite!

Category: Social Assistance Reform

Join us in Hamilton on December 14th and let’s reverse the cuts to community start up benefits!

The Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction and Hamilton Organizing for Poverty Elimination (HOPE) are asking communities and provincial organizations to meet, strategize and mobilize in response to the provincial government’s cuts to Community Start Up & Maintenance Benefits and Discretionary health benefits on December 14th.  Hamilton City Council recently committed to fund CSUMB for another 6 months, but as in all municipalities- that funding is not sustainable and puts the most marginalized residents of our communities at risk.  The objective of the ‘Ontario Communities Uniting’ forum is to develop a coordinated message and to demonstrate to the provincial government (and those running to become Premier) that communities will not sit idly by as critical programs that prevent homelessness, promote health and maintain dignity are slashed.  The meeting will be held at Hamilton City Hall from 10am – 2pm on December 14th.

For more details: ontario uniting csumb meeting